The Nosey Pacas Blog

postcard-poppyHello.  My name is Poppy Paca and I would like to introduce you to my family.  There's Grandpa Paca, Papa Paca, Mama Paca, my brother Peter Paca and little Baby Pea.  We live on the Romney Marsh in Kent in a lovely cottage that Mama Paca likes to call Paca Palace.  Grandpa Paca lives in a Shepherds Hut just down the road from the cottage.  I want to be an artist when I grow up, but my best friends, the twins, Paula and Paulette Paca, say it will take a lot of work.  Luckily I have my Poppy Paca drawing pad, colouring book and pencils to practice with. You can get these from the website. Even my other cousins who live in France think they are fab.  

We are really excited because recently we got written about in a magazine called Style of Wight.  Uncle and Auntie Paca who live on the Isle of Wight told us so.  Then, even more exciting, Paulette was listening to Chris Evans on Radio Two the other day and he told everyone about us too!!  Well, thats about it for today but I shall write some more tomorrow and even get the rest of the family to join in.  BFN - Poppy