Papa Paca introduces himself properly

papa-pacaHiya everyone! Today I would like to introduce you to my dad, Papa Paca.  Papa Paca runs the local greengrocers, which he got when Grandpa Papa stopped working - I think its called retired.  Before Grandpa, other Grandpas had the shop so I guess its really old! Papa gets all his vegetables locally as he says he likes to be green and he gets the rest from Grandpa Pacas allotment.  Papa can be really naughty as he is always playing practical jokes on his customers and Mama Paca.  Papa works really really hard but when he is not working he loves to do lots of hobbies which I will tell you about another day.  We are waiting for the postman to come because Papa Paca says the tickets might arrive today for the Pacaolympics.  Whew how exciting is that. BFN Poppyxxxx