Time to introduce Peter Paca, my brother

peter-pacaGood morning! I can't write for long this morning as Mama Paca is taking me to the hairdressers.  I HATE going but at least I love Lauren Paca who is my hairdresser.  She understands how it hurts if you comb my hair too hard, unlike my mum!

Anyway, I thought it was time I introduced you properly to my 10 year old brother, Peter Paca.  Peter used to love to play games and do puzzles with me but now he prefers to hang out with his best mate Percy Paca. 

Peter has lots of hobbies like playing computer games, especially Waka Paca, making toy planes out of recycled material like bits of paper and old tin cans.  Like me, he loves to go on the back of Grandpa Pacas motorbike but Mama Paca isn't very keen.  Peter is a bit accident prone but doesn't seem to be so bad these days!  Peter says he wants to be an airline pilot when he grows up, with Paca Airlines but now he says he wants to be a detective. 

Must go now but will write again later BFN Poppyxx