Time to introduce Baby Pea

baby-peaHello Nosey Paca fans.  Well, at last I have finished my Poppy Paca Paints a Picture which should be out soon!  So, in the meantime I would like to introduce my little brother - his real name is Petit Pois because he has something to do with Mama and Papa finding him when they were on holiday in France.  I think I am to young to understand this. 

We all call him Baby Pea.  At the moment all that Baby Pea does is sleep, eat, gurgle, burp and go to the loo a lot but he is growing up fast.  More about him later on......

We have been really busy in the warehouse and run out of all the greetings cards we ordered but new ones are coming soon.

BFN Nosey Paca fansxxx