Mama Paca

mama-pacaSo, to introduce you to Mama Paca.  She is the bestest, kindest Mama Paca in the world.  Mind you if we are naughty she can be quite strict, so we all try to be good! Mama Paca has a deli counter in Papa Pacas greengrocers.  Mama sells her homemade jams and homemade pies and cakes, along with cheeses and breads all sourced locally.  Mama stopped working for a few months when Baby Pea was born - Mavis Paca took over for a while - but Mama puts Baby Pea in a Paca creche most mornings and is glad to be back at work.  When Mama has a chance to "put her feet up" she likes nothing better than watching Pacanation Street or Sunday lunch with the family.  More about Mama another day. BFN Poppyxx