The Nosey Pacas go to Fiveways School, Ryde, Isle of Wight

eden w poppy picWatch out Nosey Paca Fans. Our human friends, Phil and Debbie, could be coming to your school to read our storybooks soon! They are starting off on the Isle of Wight next Thursday 18 October at Fiveways School in Ryde. We are so excited. SHACKA PACA BOOM BOOM!

Phil and Debbie will read the books at assembly and then there will be a drawing competition with a prize for the winner and two runners up plus the three winners will get their drawing put on our blog. Here is the first drawing done of Poppy Paca. Isn't it brilliant. So start sharpening those colouring pencils and perhaps you might be the next Paca Picasso! See you soon Nosey Paca Fans!