Stories from the Christmas Holidays!

grandpa-pacaHope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.  Back to school soon.  Boo hoo - but it will be good to see Paula and Paulette.  They have been away skiing on Paca Mountain.  Hope they didn't break anything!

 Mavis, Grandpa Paca's girlfriend, bought Grandpa Paca a c.d. of Elvis Presley - The Early Years - for Christmas.  P.C Paca has already visited the allotment twice to tell him to turn it down or he'll get an ASBO for causing so much noise.  What is an ASBO? 

 Grandpa Paca overdid the rhubarb wine on New Years Eve and proposed to Mavis Paca.  Fortunately she realised it was the wine talking and they have decided to remain single for the time being.  Shame, I would like to have been a bridesmaid!

peter-pacaI've already broken two of my New Year's resolutions.  One was to be nice to Peter, but after he had eaten all the Paca Puffs at breakfast, for the umpteenth time he can forget about that!  The other is to write on my blog and tweet more often,but as you know Nosey Paca Fans, I broke that from day one!  I promise to do better in the future!!

Thats it for now.

Love Poppyxxxxx