Bay C of E Primary School, Sandown, Isle of Wight

poppy-pacaHello Nosey Paca Fans.  Last week we went back to The Bay C of E Primary School in Sandown, on the beautiful Isle of Wight, with the results of the latest Nosey Paca Painting Competion. 

Before we went back the whole Nosey Paca family sat down after a yummy tea of paca veggie pie with paca puffs to follow, and we judged the pictures that the children had painted of us. Baby Pea helped us by shouting SHACKA PACA BOOM BOOM everytime he really liked one of the paintings! 

It was soooooooooooooo difficult to choose as they were all so good.  In the end we had to give more runner up prizes of my Poppy Paca badge and Peter's badge than we normally do and I think the kids liked them.  Well done to everyone who entered and we look forward to coming back to see you in the Spring with some of our new stories.

So here goes we are with all the winners!


6-7 year olds.  The winners, who won a Peter Paca and Poppy Paca book were:

Tyler and Jessica

Tyler Jessica






 Well done to you all.  We hope you enjoy our Poppy and Peter Paca books. 

The runners up, who won Peter Paca and Poppy Paca Badges were:

Harry, Jacob, Beau and Phoebe.  









5-6 year olds. The winners of the Peter Paca book and the Poppy Paca book were:

Callum and Caitlin

Callum Caitlin

Well done Callum and Caitlin.  The runners up were:

Isobel and Grace







Well done!

and last but not least

4 to 5 year olds. The winners of the Peter Paca Book and The Poppy Paca book were:

Tommy and Milly








Well done!

The runners up were:

Riley and Ava







Well done and SHACKA PACA BOOM BOOM to you all. 

The next school we will be visiting is Niton Primary School again on the Isle of Wight on World Book Day - that's on March 7th.  After that we will be one of the many exciting events taking part in this years Isle of Arts, I will let you know that date soon but it is in April.  I think we might even have one of real live Uncles there for you to see! How exciting.  BFN Love Poppyxx