The Nosey Pacas Come Alive!

Hello Nosey Paca Fans, Poppy Paca here!

We have been very naughty down here at Pacalsfield not keeping up with our blog, but we are back again.  So much is happening at the moment it is difficult to know where to start.

Way back last May we joined forces with King Bee Animation to see if we could bring us alive!  We have chosen one of our stories to animate, 'Grandpa Can't Dance', and we should be able to show you the hilarious story very soon.  In the meantime we hope you have been following us on our facebook page - The Nosey Pacas - and enjoying meeting all the new characters we have introduced.  We love them all but secretly my favourite is Mama Pacas style guru, Paca Pants.  He is very funny and makes Peter and I laugh a lot! 

Over the next few days I will add some more photos for you to have a look at, and in the meantime Baby Schnoz shouts out a big